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ARTSUITE ONE Club is the new hot spot and intersection for your brand to attract emerging target groups of new art lovers and establish a solid customer relation between them and your brand.

It is our declared calling and essential mission to strategically customize the hosting of a club to your brand’s targets and objectives, and to focus on the creation of a unique and memorable experience for your customers.

Private dinner at the first ARTSUITE ONE Club in Vienna hosted by Diesel Black Gold


We love collaboration

We believe in the power of joint forces of art and commerce and are passionate about merging our knowledge and love for art, design and culture with your brand’s essence to create rich and rewarding synergies.



We foster knowledge

Our independent and educational approach will increase your client’s and partner’s cultural dialogue and let them relate to your brand within a totally new, powerful perspective.



We create solutions

Contemporary art & culture are a vital source for finding fresh solutions and are a dynamic way of expressing, sharing and shaping values. We create solutions to support your brand in developing successful, long-term collaboration with the art world.



We are global

We travel the world for art and design and work on our projects together with partners from our exclusive global network. With a focus on emerging art markets, we always aim to keep our eyes on the newest developments in the contemporary art world.





The first ARTSUITE ONE Club in Vienna, Austria was developed with and through a successful cooperation with DIESEL BLACK GOLD. It represented an eclectic combination of art, fashion and design celebrating the synergies and harmonious connection with the collection theme of the Diesel Black Gold 2012 Fall/Winter collection, FEAR IS FUN.

The shop window of the store was incorporated by the creative force of one of the artists exhibited at the ARTSUITE ONE Club, Lori Hersberger with his work DEATH/DISCO. Following the opening, Diesel Black Gold hosted the preview dinner at the first ARTSUITE ONE Club in Vienna.

Through supporting our vision and allowing new synergies to grow, DIESEL BLACK GOLD was an initial partner to express, share and shape fresh perspectives about contemporary art and design and to allow new cultural dialogues to grow. We are thankful and happy to have found such visionary partners and are looking forward to continue this journey together.

Diesel Black Gold
Diesel Black Gold